Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your Pokemon really Legit?
A: Yes, All of our Pokemon have been legit checked.

Q: What Pre-Loaded sets do you offer for Pre-Loaded games in?
A: We have them in Dream World, Events, Non-Shiny & Shiny sets.

Q: What options do you have the sets?
A: We have them in 6 IV, Gender, Levels & Untouched options.

Q: Do you have the older Pokemon games Pre-Loaded?
A: Yes, We have all the Pokemon games Pre-Loaded.

Q: Do the older Pokemon games have new batteries?
A: Yes, The Game Boy games have new batteries installed.

Q: Do you offer a Send In Service?
A: Yes, You can do that by visiting the our store or click here.

Q: Why doesn't some Pokemon obey?
A: You have to earn more Gym Badges in order for the high level Pokemon to obey you.

Q: How can I view the game I want before purchased?
A: Please visit gameplay videos or click here.

Q: Will I be able to change the Trainer Name?
A: Yes, After adding game to cart you will be able to customize your game.

Q: Where can I view the Pokemon stats?
A: Please visit Pokemon Lists or click here.

Q: What does a Blue Pentagon in X / Y mean?
A: Blue Pentagon means it is from the Kalos Region.

Q: What does 6 IV mean?
A: 6 IV means that a Pokemon can achieve stats in

- HP
- Atk
- Def
- Sp. Atk
- Sp. Def
- Speed

Q: What does a Red Star mean?
A: Red Star means that the Pokemon is Shiny.

Q: What does Dream World Pokemon mean?
A: Dream World are Pokemon that is obtained from Entree Forest, Global Link & Dream Radar.

Q: What does Events Pokemon mean?
A: Events are Pokemon that was given out over time by Nintendo, Gamestop, Toys R Us and so many more places.

Q: What does Non-Shiny Pokemon mean?
A: Non-Shiny are Pokemon that you can catch throughout the game though having all versions would be needed in order to complete the PokeDex.

Q: What does Shiny Pokemon mean?
A: Shiny are Pokemon that are extremely rare. You can either Breed, Catch or Trade for them

Example: Non-Shiny Charizard is Orange while a Shiny Charizard is Black

Breeding could take A LOT of time and you can achieve better results using the Masuda Method
Catching could take a A LOT of soft resetting the game
Trading for them would require you to trade a rare Pokemon

Q: What Pokemon cannot be Shiny legit?
A:  The following Pokemon below cannot be Shiny

- Mew (English)
- Celebi
- Arceus
- Victini
- Reshiram
- Zekrom
- Keldeo
- Meloetta
- Genesect (English)
- Xerneas
- Yveltal
- Zygarde
- Diancie

Q: Will the Pokemon transfer to X / Y via PokeBank?
A: Yes, All of our Pokemon already have been transferred.

Q: I'm outside the US, Will this work on my 3DS?
A: Please make sure that NTSC will play on your 3DS before purchase. It will 100% work for Pokemon Bank since app is region free.

Here is how to bypass for Pokemon X / Y

1. Put NTSC Pokemon X / Y into PAL 3DS / 2DS
2. Load Pokemon Bank app (Download off eShop)
3. Transfer Pokemon & save
4. Put PAL Pokemon X / Y in PAL 3DS / 2DS
5. Transfer Pokemon & save

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